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Various Topics

The Large Selection

Coloring fun for everyone! The city books are also available with page-large color templates.


The Cool Down coloring books for adults offer a variety of topics.
From the animal kingdom over mandala or fashion topics, to dirty words. There is something for everybody. At a cost of from 4,99 EUR.
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Which city do you love?
Cool Down offers the most beautiful cities in the world for coloring.
30 impressive motifs per city are waiting to be colored by you.
You decide which colors to use. Adjust the color of the day in the way you like the motif in your memory. The Color Edition has 126 pages and offers the color template on the higher side for quick comparison.
The painting is relaxing and the result is impressive in any case.
It's worth framing to hang on your wall or be given away.

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Learning Languages

Cool Down offers the exclusive opportunity worldwide to create an enhanced memorial effect when coloring vocabulary graphics.

The current standard volume comprises 255 important everyday vocabulary words that can be memorized sustainably.
And this in all common world languages.

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What is Neuro-Optical- Programming

The method is used for faster acquisition of information in our brain. The well-known strong memory effect is enhanced by the use of images, again by the active participation by coloring and coloring to the optimum.
Not only can N-O-P be used to remember information, but also to accommodate behavior, e.g. to switch to a diet to lose weight healthily.