Praxis Zeichnen

Workbooks for freehand drawing

The popular exercise books offer the right theme world for every taste: from portrait to nude to still lifes or castles. They are available in 4 different versions: paperback, XL format, XL color edition and A3 contour template.

Standard XL Format XL Color XXL Format
Cool Down

The new fantastic 3D Folding Coloring Books

Create an impressive 3D piece of paper art. This innovative book combines 3D folding art with coloring book creativity. Your folds and cuts result in an impressive three-dimensional work of art, which you can color to your own taste.

Folding Coloring Books
Cool Down

The "Cool Down" coloring books to relax

The "Cool Down" coloring books offer a constantly growing variety of topics. From the Mandala, to cityscapes from around the world, to easy vocabulary learning in many popular languages.

Cool Down Coloring Books
Mein Leben

The "My life" | Daily, Weekly and Yearly Planner (Bullet Journals)

Write and paint your life.
It relaxes and arranges your life.

My Life Planners

Freehand Drawing - Made Easy

The innovative exercise book series in which one draws into the book.
With a huge motif selection and matching contour help.
In three formats: paperback, XL and XL Color.
In addition there are XXL (Din A3) contour templates for cutting and underlaying.
The books are also available in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. 

Standard XL Format XL Color XXL Format

Overview  Topics 1 - 14

Overiew Topics 15 - 28

The Color Edition

The color edition is perfect for color draws.

XL Color

Workbook 10: Puppies

The cute puppy motifs are pure joy.

Standard XL XL Color XXL

Workbook 13: Sports Cars

The sports car motives are pretentious and strong.

Standard XL XL Color XXL

Workbook 9: Kitten

Sweetest kittens.

Standard XL XL Color XXL

Workbook 11: Horses

Popular motif for your own four walls: The self-drawn horse.

Standard XL XL Color XXL

Workbook 8: Fruits

When drawing fruits you get immediate appetite.

Standard XL XL Color XXL

Topic People

Workbook 1: Ballet

Graceful bodies of dancing ballerinas. A treat for every ballet fan.

Standard XL XL Color XXL

Workbook 3: Nylon Fashion

The nylon fashion band offers motifs in body-contoured outfits. Similarly attractive motives are offered in volume 2: Dessous.

Standard XL XL Color XXL

Workbook 4: Female Nude

Drawing nudes is one of the most popular artistic themes. In the video we use a contour template to experiment with colors.
(Because of nudity only available in Europe)  

Standard XL XL Color XXL